Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!

I was bound and determined to get these suckers to stripe instead of pooling. I cast on one last time (ha) Tuesday evening, this time actually with the number of stitches in the pattern, but using size 0 double points. The ribbing had me concerned, but I kept knitting - low and behold - by George its not pooling!!! I knew that there was a reason that Cara wasn't having a problem and I was, her's worked out perfectly EVERY freaking time. I couldn't get mine not to pool for the life of me, which was concerning because I've got a TON of STR (only exagerating a little here). Need a quick pick me up - order some STR. Having a bad day - order some STR. Gained a few pounds - order some STR. Had a bad hair day - order some STR. Easy to hide, doesn't break the bank, makes me feel good. ;-) Sounds like a great marketing campaign. These are making me so happy that I'm contemplating frogging my first pair! Hmmm... need to sleep on that one. Many other skeins to dig into first. I've doubled my progress from the photo, but haven't gotten as far as I'd have liked to. No progress on the AquaMelon pair since last posting. Enough knitting to have completed two pair so far, but only one full set finished. Hubs bought me a new toy last week - a Roomba. I love that thing, the dogs not so much. He bought a new truck (were talking top of the line Ford Duelly diesel 4-wheel drive - said he needs it for work don't ya know), so I think Roomba was more than a fair trade, don't you? I thinking I might also need a video Ipod and a new cell phone too!


Blogger Carolyn said...

Yep, yep - you NEED a video iPod! I got one for Christmas, and it is awesome.

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