Bouncy, bouncy, bouncing baby

Ha - had ya wondering, didn't I? Nope, too old for that.... and no plumbing. Trying typepad again. You can find me at http://kamax60.typepad.com/canweknitnow/


It's not all knitting all the time, there is spinning too!


Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!

I was bound and determined to get these suckers to stripe instead of pooling. I cast on one last time (ha) Tuesday evening, this time actually with the number of stitches in the pattern, but using size 0 double points. The ribbing had me concerned, but I kept knitting - low and behold - by George its not pooling!!! I knew that there was a reason that Cara wasn't having a problem and I was, her's worked out perfectly EVERY freaking time. I couldn't get mine not to pool for the life of me, which was concerning because I've got a TON of STR (only exagerating a little here). Need a quick pick me up - order some STR. Having a bad day - order some STR. Gained a few pounds - order some STR. Had a bad hair day - order some STR. Easy to hide, doesn't break the bank, makes me feel good. ;-) Sounds like a great marketing campaign. These are making me so happy that I'm contemplating frogging my first pair! Hmmm... need to sleep on that one. Many other skeins to dig into first. I've doubled my progress from the photo, but haven't gotten as far as I'd have liked to. No progress on the AquaMelon pair since last posting. Enough knitting to have completed two pair so far, but only one full set finished. Hubs bought me a new toy last week - a Roomba. I love that thing, the dogs not so much. He bought a new truck (were talking top of the line Ford Duelly diesel 4-wheel drive - said he needs it for work don't ya know), so I think Roomba was more than a fair trade, don't you? I thinking I might also need a video Ipod and a new cell phone too!


Jaywalker Update

One down, second ready to begin heel flap. These are made from Vesper Sock Yarn in Aqua Melon. I needed stripes after the pooling issues I was having with the STR attempts in three different colorways. But I think I'm ready to try again - this time in the recommended stitch number (instead of reducing by 8) and use size 0 needles to compensate for the size change needed. Wish me luck. I've been knitting and spinning, just having difficulty finishing anything. I ordered a new spinning wheel with Christmas money - yay! It's a Schacht Matchless DT and I LOVE IT! Missing the woolee winder action, but maybe I'll ask for that for my birthday ;-) Oohh - I bought some Claudia's Handpainted Yarn for socks over Christmas holiday - it's yummy too! I'm beginning to think I've REALLY got a problem with this sock yarn obsession. I'm not addicted, I'm not addicted, I'm not addicted (nope didn't work - still want more yarn).


Felting Issues, Bad Service

I've been attempting to felt a bucket hat for more than, um let's see, five hours! I have to laugh when I see in the instructions to "check after 3 minutes" - not in my universe. And I don't have a front load washer! Clearly this hat is attempting to test my patience - just like it's cousin did last week. Speaking of testing my patience...... I ordered two sweater kits from a popular online shop site at the end of November. The kits arrived the next week while I was out of town on business. Gleefully opened the package, then promptly put away because there was no way I was going to start these any time soon (hey, there was this sale you see, yada yada yada). Not sure why, but I pulled the kits out of hiding to fondle the yarn (you know you'd have done it too). It was then I noticed that the pricey yarn had been substituted for an lesser yarn with less yardage! I quickly emailed the company to explain what had happened and waited for a response. And waited. And waited. I sent another email to three different addesses on the site. Received a response saying that they weren't sure how that had happened, but they were sending out my original yarn THAT day and enclosing a UPS call tag so that I could return the other yarn. That was more than a week and a half ago. Sent an email on Wednesday requesting the tracking number as I hadn't received my package yet. No response. Waited til Friday to send another email. Response this time was that the owner wasn't at the office that day, but would check on Saturday. And that it was taking UPS almost two weeks to deliver to the West Coast. Hello!!!! Since when was Arkansas considered the West Coast?!? I scurried to UPS' online site, plugged in the zips from their shipping location and my delivery location - guess what. Guaranteed delivery by Monday - the 12th! Four days ago. My guess is that my shipment wasn't sent out when they said it was. Now have completely lost interest in both projects and emailed back that I would be returning both kits. Don't plan on giving them any more of my business. There are too many great online yarn shops that do a fabulous job of customer service and supersonic shipping. I'm just say'n.


I'm a Jaywalker, I'm a Jaywalker....

watching socks go by, my, my, my..... Xmas Rocks Jaywalkers - knit on size one dp, 64 stitches Mesa Jaywalkers - note pooling, knit on size 1 dp, 60 stitches. May be frogged. I started and frogged Alina and Rockstar because of pooling issues. Will try Rockstar again on size zero needles at 64 stitches.


Now, where was I?

Oh yeah, knitting. spinning. and weaving. Weaving? Right, a new diversion - like I needed another one! I purchased a triangle loom at SAFF - convinced myself that it was a great way to utilize my stash and handspun. Ha! I've finished one shawl (but hey - I did use stash that had been marinating for YEARS). Second shawl on the loom has been neglected lately. Spinning's been a little neglected lately too. It's all knitting all the time. SAFF was alot of fun - I brought my Mother along and we had a good time. Got to see Babs and Pam. And spend lots of money! It was a good thing. Lately I've become obsessed with sock yarn Not just any sock yarn - a specific sock yarn. Socks that Rock. I'm in trouble here folks. I've now accumulated 9 skeins (oops - 11 - two are matching Soft Rock skeins, but that's just because Toni's my fairy godmother). I needed a fiber fix BAD last Wednesday (work, ya know). I called Toni, asked what she had on hand, purchased four lovelies that quickly made their way to me. Arrived on Friday - what service. And to my surprise and delight, I had two unexpected goodies - cause she felt like I needed a hug! Hubs has been out of town for the past week - yup, alone on Thanksgiving. Though that was my choice. I could have gone to the SILs, but chose to forgo that route. I had a quite day, cooked a turkey breast and a sweet potato, then took myself to see "Walk the Line". I was unsure through the movie whether I liked it, but want to see it again soon. It was very good. Did dredge up a few sad memories. My Dad drove me past the Cash estate on many occassions, as their home was not far away. The drinking scenes were also too familiar. X - Enough said. This time of year is especially hard for me. My hysterectomy was 6 years ago, right before Thanksgiving and my Dad died nine days before Christmas 4 years ago. Add to that the consumer intensive environment that I'm blessed to deal with daily. I'm leaving for Baton Rouge in the morning and had to drop my babies at the kennel after work. I feel like such a bad dog mother dropping them off, like I'm abandoning them. I know that it's worse on me, cause they really do like this kennel. I need to pack, though it's only a one or two day trip, depending on when we're through on Thursday and I can get out of town. I decided to drive because I'd spend as much time flying as it is going to take me to drive. I can leave the house later too :-) Really not looking forward to this trip. I'm currently working on the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Gifts. I've had the yarn for over a year. Checked out the knitalong for helpful hints and was ashamed to see that I had signed up a year ago. Bad knitter. I also signed up for the Must Have knitalong, but quickly abandoned that - I hated the yarn I was using (for that pattern - it's now found another life).


Spam titles

"Creative panties" - what's that? (I didn't open the email to look). Who comes up with this crap? Yeah I know, slow spinning and knitting day - what can I say. I love my car dealer and small towns. I took my gas guzzler in for an oil change (every 3,000 miles) and was asked if I had an extra 45 minutes, because they wanted to align my front end. Hey, I looked at it as extra sock knitting time and no office, right? Even though I was a few miles (right) over what the auto company would pay for, they covered it anyway. (Hey, I don't know anything about fudging any mileage numbers) After the dealer, came the bakery. I have heard lots of great things about this particular bakery, but have never stopped in (so what's 45 miles?). I picked out some goodies to take back to the office (I was waaay late), and made a comment that some of these would never make it the whole way cause I would have to sample one or two. Do you know, the lady gave me some cookies to snack on! I'm a friend for life - free cookies!!! The pastries were o.k., but the English Muffin bread was to die for (dinner - toasted with honey). Because I've failed to take new pics, here's a puppy photo of my youngest who happpens to be pissed because I brushed him tonite. Oh the horror!


Sandy's corrupting me!

O.K. - maybe Sandy didn't start it. Maybe she did. All I'm saying is that I couldn't stay away from her fiber site. I'm bad. I'm a yarn/fiber whore/slut. Yep. That's me. I HAD to rescue a few of her babies. They're coming to live with me - that's my story and I'm sticking to it (hey, don't tell my husband, k?) My dream is to have an alpaca farm. You know those commercials - Ilovealpacas.com. I MUST raise alpacas - watch the stars while checking on the herd at night. Yep, no corporation sending requests for info needed yesterday, no reports, no "romper room" antics, no beating your head against the wall because someone won't take the time to THINK. Knitting, spinning? No photos, but I've finished another OSW. This time I lengthened the sleeves. Instead of working the seed stitch, I continued with straight stich for another twoish inches then ribbed for maybe an inch and a half. I REALLY like it. I've got more yarn (surprise) for another one or two. Maybe I'll work in a lace stitch in the body next time. It's a great pattern and really works up fast. I finished spinning and plying the fiber I bought from Lori. I had problems plying - it kept wanting to knot on me (I plyed from a center pull ball). Not too much wasted, though any fiber wasted is a loss. I really should be working on my Mom's Charlotte Web, but I started Nothin' but a Tee Shirt again (movie knitting). Speaking of movies, we've seen "War of the Worlds" and "The Island". Neither were my cup of tea. I prefer chick flicks - but my husband made a New Year's Resolution not to see any this year :-). I sent out a inquiry about a possible job opening over the weekend. I received a response yesterday. They're interested in talking! I'm excited and terrified. It's most likely much less money, but something that I really think I'd enjoy. I tried to touch base this afternoon, but got voicemail. I left a message. I'll keep you updated on developments.


Is it Friday Yet?

Can't tell where my mind is, can ya? Yippee - I don't have to work this weekend! Oh bummer, I just remembered that I do have two "counseling sessions" that I need to take care of on Sunday - both discussing that leaving either before or not arriving in time for your scheduled shift are not good things. Hopefully they won't take too long though. Sock photos Trekking XL color 100. Toe kitchnered on Saturday (one week after I finished the toe decreases). I kept commenting that these were fraternal twins, though they look more similar in the photo than they really are. I loved this yarn. Koigu. I knit these on size 2 needles, and would probably use size 1 for any others. Another favorite yarn brand. Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Potluck - Brights. This is a fushia/orange combo - hard to capture in the photo. FBS Update Here's my progress on the Flower Basket Shawl. I had just finished the 7th repeat and had pulled it off the needles (by threading with another yarn) to check my progress. I couldn't stop there, I spritzed and pressed too! Don't tell my Mom - I really should be working on her Charlotte's Web, but this is such a fun pattern that it's hard to put it down. Remember the brown NBaT I was working on? With the coral hem? That had to be reworked because of erratta in the waist length? Well... I frogged it. I started to pick it up again after the decreases for the waist shaping, but decided that while I really liked the coral hem edge it was most likely really going to limit what I could wear it with. So ripppppppppp it went. If I keep this up, my UFO pile will shrink greatly - HA!



This yarn is from one of the rovings I dyed at Shakerag! I overplyed it - I love how it looks, but probably wouldn't knit with it this way - too much twist. This skein is from the roving I bought from Lori while I was at Shakerag. Same skein over-twisted ply. These two are from rolags I purchased from the Bees Knees - http://homepage.mac.com/beesknees/bkwebpage/homepage.html. I'm stashing blues to make a throw or rectangle shawl. Two ounces of Merino and angora from http://thewoolenrabbit.typepad.com/thewoolenrabbit/. I've got other colors to spin from the same vendor - similar colorings. Alpaca pencil roving plyed white with black. I think I've got about 2 lbs. (not all spun yet!), I don't remember what I was wanting to knit with this - probably a shawl. I think it would be too hot to wear for anything else.

New Toys

I never thought I'd ever want or need a spindle when I got my wheel - ha! My first spindle purchase, within the last month, was the Bosworth with a Bocote wood whorl. My second is a custom Tulipwood whorl with matching Tulipwood sample niddy noddy from Charis Yarn. DeAnna was a dream to work with - very patient with my indecision regarding what woods I wanted to use. Both spin like a dream.


This and That

My very first handspun! Ha - I was so stupid, I actually cut the fiber - gasp! A picture of my Mother & I from our trip last fall to the Canyonlands. I believe this is from Arches National Park. We had such a good time, even though I'm sure we got on each other's nerves!! (two weeks! - when do we leave again?) I had a photo shoot earlier, but the camera is not wanting to cooperate with the uploading feature (I believe I drained the battery). I'll try again later!

Lime Koolaid and OSW

The only dying happening here is koolaid dying some crap yarn I got from ebay last year. I'm hoping that cream rinse will soften it a little for me to be able to make a Flower Basket Shawl out of it. If it works I've got 9 lbs. (bright, huh?) Much knitting and spinning, but neither going very quickly. I'll upload photos of my results later. Ahhh..... here we are - I've also just finished a One Skein Wonder out of white Calmer. I know - lemming that I am. Everyone's knitting that. It is cute, awfully quick, and uses very little yarn. I'd like to try this out of handspun, but I'm not sure if I'd wear it in wool. p.s. this post has ONLY taken me 4 days to write - ha!


Confession time - cont.

Charlotte's Web:

I gave the yarn to my Mom for Christmas, with a note that I'd have it completed by Mother's Day (mwwahhh - think I've missed that boat, don't you?). Now I'm shooting for her birthday - end of August. Though in my defense, this little puppy's been in time out - something wonky happened with the stitches and my head wasn't "in the zone" to figure out what happened.

Orangina - http://glampyreknits.tripod.com/glampyrephotos/id92.html

No time out here (at least not currently), I just need to get back on the stick!

Nothin' but a Tshirt - http://www.magknits.com/warm05/patterns/shirt.htm

Yup, time out. Can't remember why it was in time out to start with, but now it's because there's been errata posted regarding the number of rows between the decrease and increase for waist shaping. Ripppppp

One side done, this is the second side - help! I keep having neck difficulties. Oh well, another year in time out might make it behave better.

Ballerina T thingie - Southwest Trading Company bamboo yarn. Ewwh, I hate this yarn. Nuff said. Also we had slight sizing issues, as in I underanticipated what size I needed to knit this. Watch out little red lace shell, you could be next - this one's already been frogged!!! Marjike from Berroco - http://www.berroco.com/234/234_marijke_pv.html This one's got 11" done now - almost to the armhole shaping. Update - front also now finished, but I think it's too long. I might be ripping back to the neck to fix.

Ummm, yeah - this is the Acorn Camisole from the Summer Interweave. I loooove this stitch pattern - so much so that I forgot to add in the waist shaping. Yup, time out. Ya'll know I'm holding out, right? This is only my "active" projects. Others are hiding out. Run and hide Salt Peanuts she's coming!


Confession time

My name is Kandy and I'm a startaholic. and a knitaholic. and a spinaholic. and a shopaholic. (oops, really didn't mean to post that one). My summer projects are - a Charlotte's Web for my Mom for Mother's Day (missed that deadline), an Orangina, NBaT, Acorn Camisole from the last Interweave, Ballerina tank in Bamboo from SWTC, socks, and a tank out of Zodiac from Berraco. Most are in "time out" for one reason or another. Socks


Is The 2nd Time a Charm?

Ready or not, here's my second attempt at blogging... (Thanks Pam and Carolyn for the inspiration) It's been a week since my week of creativity at Shakerag Workshops in Sewanee, TN in Lynne Vogel's Hands on Color: Spinning Beautiful Yarns from Handpainted Rovings. What a blast! The friends I met, the food we ate, the colors we created, the knitting and spinning were all awe inspiring. I miss everyone alot. One the first day, I finally "heard" the words FIBER PREP. Yeah, yeah - it's in all the books, on all the websites and blogs, etc., etc., but it finally clicked. My spinning looks SO much better. Who'd a thunk? lol Here's most of the crew - Twisted Friends!: My dying results: More photos and musings about Shakerag later. My first week back in the real world has been a lot less fun than Shakerag - ha. My ideal career would involve fiber (who are we kidding, no career just fiber!) Off to spin...


Christmas Day

Merry Christmas. I miss my Dad. December is a depressing month. He died three years ago - three days after his birthday of December 12. Now there are four days that are horrible in December. His birthday, the day he died, the day of his funeral and Christmas. It never hurts less, you just get used to it a little more each year. I'm supposed to be at my Mom's right now, but the weather has stepped in - ice and snow two days ago have made the roads treacherous. Though it has allowed my to spend this Christmas with my husband. As the oldest, I feel that I'm supposed to be the one to be there for Mom. This year my brother's at Mom's, so I don't feel like such a heal for not making it in time for Christmas day. I'll leave tomorrow, but God I dread the drive. On a lighter note - I've started yet another project. I'm making "My Constant Companion" out of the Knitter's Stash book. One more project to my ever-growing project list. I'm not sure how many I've really got going (or at least I'm not sure I really want to admit it). Can we say ADD? Let's not even mention the yarn/patterns waiting in the wings! Hey, at least yarn doesn’t go bad or spoil, right?!? I hope this day has left you with peace and optimism.


Merry Christmas!

Whew! Just finished the last of my Christmas knitting - though must weave in ends. I must have my head examined though - why do I get so depressed when the recipients don't fawn over their handknit treasures? Must remember that it's more for me than them.... Must remember that it's more for me than them.... Must remember that it's more for me than them.... Probably the same reason my Mom would be upset when us kids would open our gift of a handmade quilt and go "oh, thanks". Lots of love and hard work goes into each gift and we just want to be acknowledged for it. My Christmas gift is mia - waah. My husband let me order a spinning wheel. We've had bad weather and UPS isn't delivering anything except ground packages (SO glad that I paid the extra money for that!).